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Our Mission is to continually grow and be recognised as a market leader in the facilities industry. At CCASPL, we pride ourselves on fulfilling all aspects of facility solutions for our clients, ensuring the sustainability of labour hire requirements. CCASPL offers government and private sector institutions a single point of contact and tailored [...]
With over 25 years experience in commercial cleaning, we attribute our success to an authentic commitment to our company philosophy – delivering national company capabilities through a culture based on values of honesty, reliability and transparency. We are committed to achieving excellence within our industry [...]
We take the payroll related burden off your shoulders and let you focus on your higher priority objectives. We have performed millions of payroll calculations over the past years. We stay up to date with changes in the payroll legislation, including social security contributions and personal income taxes. [...]
CCASPL provides special cleaning services like Cleaning of Carpet Rug and Chairs – we always do The Cleaning Survey to gain the information required to thoroughly and professionally clean an item – to examine the construction, fiber-type, backing materials and fillers-to determine the best method for cleaning an upholstered item [...]
The concept of the business is to provide a wide and ever changing range of support services to companies across all industries. CCASPL provides a comprehensive range of hard facility maintenance services to support those responsible for keeping the property operating at peak efficiency. [...]